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Why Core?

We see ourselves as problem solvers, you got certain situation that is causing drama,

you can rely on us. At Core Ingredients, we put our clients at first, thus, we think in

advance of what are our client’s most regular sources of discomfort and we come up

with a solution before you even have a problem. This is why we regularly keep stock of

the products we offer, because if you happen to boost your sales and maintain them,

you don’t want a stock break that will affect your clients and your company all along.

In addition to that, we believe our client needs to feel special, and this is why we offer

solutions that go beyond expectations. We source our products from the best places in

the world, at competitive rates and using high-tech-avant-garde solutions that

guarantee your product is always a frontrunner.

Using spray drying as an example of the technology used by our collagen, as well as our

green and red blend, we offer our clients a very consistent, highly adaptable and

versatile product, that will enable them to tailor the functionality of itself and achieve

great success in doing so.

On the other hand, we know that in today’s world being easy to reach is very

important, mostly when most of the business done in our industry is time sensitive,

that is why we are always reachable by our clients, and you will always meet an answer

when asked something related to your business with Core. Finally, another great

argument on why choosing core is our adaptability in terms of minimum order

quantities (MOQ’s). As we already have most ingredients in stock, we can adapt our

offer to being as small as one pack size, which normally is around 15 to 25kg in most

products. We want to help you grow and become your #1 ally in doing so, being

chosen for our quality, fair-price and great service.

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