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Why our Collagen?

Our bovine origin collagen is 100% soluble in water with absolutely no taste which

makes it easy to complement with any supplement that you are trying to develop for

you clients. Core Ingredients currently handles 2 types of collagen, instant and


Granular is ideal to press tablets because of its fine powder and instant is

very useful for beverage-type products for its solubility when hydrating the powder.

We are sure that with our collagen you will give to your clients a lot of trust that they

will project all the goodness and benefits of it such as high concentration of amino

acids. We can guarantee that adding this powerful ingredient (collagen) in the list of

raw materials of you company will give you access to sales not only in the nutraceutical

industry, but in the food and cosmetic as well.

It will be an honor for Core Ingredients to send you a free sample of one or both of our

2 types of collagen!! Try it for free we are SURE you will have no regrets!

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